Active substances from the Baltic sea

In close cooperation with the Institute of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical Biology of the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University Greifswald the researchers of the IMaB isolate microorganisms from the Baltic sea, especially cyanobacteria and marine fungi and establish laboratory cultures.

Microscopic photograph of the cyanobacterium Limnothrix redekei HUB 051, 1000x

Microscopic photograph of the spores of the marine fungus Corollospora maritima, 1000x

Laboratory cultures of cyanobacteria under continuous light

Laboratory cultures of marine fungi on a shaker

The organisms are cultivated in larger scale and extracts are prepared from the cultivation medium and the biomass.


Cultivation of marine fungi in a fermenter under stirring

Cultivation of a cyanobacterium in a 50-l fermenter

The extracts are screened in different “in-vitro-test-systems” for antimicrobial, antiviral and immunomodulating activity. After this a bioassay-guided isolation process is used for isolation of the active compounds. The characterization and structural elucidation of the isolated substances is carried out.