Centre for Applied Research




The Centre for Applied Research (WFZ-Fungene) is a joint activity of the Institute of Marine Biotechnology and the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University of Greifswald. The Centre of Functional Genomics (ZIK FunGene) of the University of Greifswald is one of the leading institutes in the field of functional genomics of bacteria with special expertise in global and functional proteome analysis.



Platform Technology



The technical platform of the WFZ-Fungene comprises transcriptomic and proteomic techniques. The WFZ-Fungene joins the equipment and expertise for the production of DNA- and protein microarrays, for two dimensional gel electrophoresis as well as for gel free multi dimensional chromatographic proteome analysis. The proteomic techniques include mass spectrometry based protein or peptide identification and characterization.



  • Equipment for 2-D gel electropheresis, 2-D gel analysis and spot cutting equipment
  • Spot handling workstations for sample preparation and processing
  • Different chromatography systems, Probot
  • State of the art mass spectrometers

Our proteomics platform allows for the analysis of a high number of samples (high throughput proteomics), for the charactrization of stimulus or desease related proteomic signatures or markers and for a closer look at interesting candidate proteins, their expression profiles and modifications.



  • Equipment for DNA-array spotting (incl. site directed piezo-spotting)
  • Microarray laserscanner
  • Affymetrix DNA array workstation
  • Electrical DNA chips





We are highly interested in cooperations in the field of proteome analysis with partners from industry or academia.

We can support the projects with

  • high resolution and high throughput 2-D gel electropheresis
  • extremly reliable gel image analysis with the Delta2D software package
  • spot cutting and spot digestion
  • protein/peptide identification and charakterization with mass spectrometry
  • gel free proteomics(differential labeling, digestion of peptide mixtures, and multidimensional separation)
  • spotting and processing of custom made DNA-microarrays
  • assay development and manufacturing of electrical DNA- and protein chips





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